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The applicant must submit:


1. Original PASSPORT (which requires at least 01 month validity prior the date of exit from Vietnam

and/or 06 month validity to meet airlines� requirements). In urgent cases, a loose-leaf-visa can be

requested, and then a copy of passport (photo and personal detail pages) may be submitted instead

of the original passport.


2. Application form. The form must be completed, signed and attached with 01 original photo

(2x 2in) . In case of a loose-leaf-visa request, 01 additional photo must be stapled to the form.

If the applicant has already got a visa approval, she/he may write the reference number on the

top of the form. For anyone who comes to Vietnam for less than 3 months and does not have visa

approval, just leave �visa approval number� blank and the Embassy will take care of it.

Additional processing fees for visa approval may be required.

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