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Please provide Lodestar Plus the following information to acquire an entry visa for Ukraine:

        a valid passport

         a filled out application: form . Please fill out the application and make sure to sign before sending

         one passport size photo (2" x 2"): example

        a prepaid FedEx airbill, if you want your visa mailed to you

         a check for the amount specified below, depending on visa type

Visa Service Pricing

                                                9 Business Days Processing                 3 Business Days Processing

 Single Entry Visa                                        $ 150                                                 $ 240

 Double Entry Visa                                        $ 160                                                 $ 270

 Multiple Entry                                             $ 350                                                  $ 600


 Price includes consulate fee and Lodestar Plus processing fee

Please contact us if you have any questions at 410-833-3264.


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